Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

* You can add a Victorian touch to this theme and make this reception an elegant tea party of that era. Hence, a garden or a historical place is perfect for an afternoon wedding reception.

Something overlooked at weddings are the name settings on tables. I recommend keeping all fonts the same and in line with the theme of your wedding. Standard name are done everywhere, try to mix it up and personalize the name settings. Maybe each individual table can have a sub-theme that plays off your wedding decorations. You can incorporate unique candles layouts and this will impress guests. Example satin cloths and greenery make for a romantic setting. While covering the dance floor area with small poles elegantly draped with satin ribbons or garlands of greenery makes for a beautiful scene. Your guests will appreciate the time and energy you put into the small details for the wedding reception area.

When you will not have these types of an enormous budget, then you'll be able to plainly gift them a collection of DVD's of ancient romantic songs and films which they probably miss now and would love to watch collectively. You'll be able to also consider golden wedding anniversary gift ideas for example personalized cups or clocks.

The winter wedding ideas should also touch on decor, if you want to have a winter wedding then line the church or location where the wedding is to take place with heaps of white, maybe snowflake decorations hanging from the roof.